Body Corporate Services


To assist you in deciding what we can help you with we have listed below a summary of our Body Corporate Services, to arrange any of our services please complete our REQUEST FORM or CONTACT OUR friendly staff to assist you.

What Body Corporate Services Can We Help You With ?

We supply current body corporate disclosure statements & reports for any unit registered within a Queensland strata scheme where the records are managed in the Brisbane – Gold Coast areas.

service   All our Body Corporate Statements and Reports are emailed directly to your inbox

service   Short Disclosure Statement (without Implied Warranties) – Fully section 206 (2)-(4) compliant and sufficient for contract purposes

service   Full Disclosure Statement (including Implied Warranties) – includes essential contract information plus details re: latent and patent defects

service   Body Corporate Records Search – a comprehensive pre-purchase report on the body corporate common property

If you have other requirements …

We are a professional Body Corporate Record Search Company that may be appointed to search a scheme’s records on an hourly basis. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.